Transparency software for electric mobility

Transparency software makes it possible for you, the consumer, to check the validity of digitally signed meter readings taken during EV charging procedures. This enables you to ensure that the quantities invoiced to you have not been manipulated by third parties.

What is transparency software?

Transparency software allows you to verify digital signatures. Depending on its technical design, a charging station creates digitally signed meter readings in connection with the charging procedure you are carrying out at the charging station. These digital signatures enable you to check the readings with a time delay so that you can ensure no one has manipulated the readings at any point during their transfer to your invoice.

What is the cost of the transparency software?

The use of the transparency software is free of charge for consumers, mobility providers and charging station operators. This was made possible through co-financing from the leading providers in Germany. However, manufacturers who want to use the transparency software as part of type examination will require a licence.

1: Downloading the transparency software

In order to use the transparency software you must first download and then open it on your desktop PC system.

Download Software
User Manual                

Other Versions           

The English translation of the documentation can be found here.

Please note that the the English language version of the documentation was not part of the certicifation process.


The source code of the software is available on GitHub.

2: Where do I obtain the digital signature data?

If your invoice for a charging procedure was issued on the basis of digital signatures you can obtain this digital signature information from your mobility service provider (the biller). Please ask them to provide the required digital signature data in a format that is compatible with the transparency software. The meter readings may also be made available for download from a customer portal or a mobile application.

Please note that the mobility provider is responsible for providing the digital signature data.



3: Confirming data integrity

When checking meter readings you must be able to ensure that the transparency software you are using is the current version, is authorised for your use and has not been altered technically. For this reason, the checksum of the application is provided here. You can determine the checksum, for example, via the command line, using the following command:

Microsoft Windows-Systeme

CertUtil -hashfile C:TEMPtransparenzsoftware.jar SHA256

Linux-Systeme oder Apple Macintosh

sha256sum transparenzsoftware.jar

4: checksum of the  software

The checksum (SHA-256) of the current software version 1.2.0 is:


5: Checksum of the Documentation

The checksum (SHA-256) of the current documentation version 1.2.0 is:



Verifying digital signature data

After you have downloaded the application to your PC open the transparency software with a double click.

Loading digital signature data

Select the meter readings available to you using the 'File' / 'Open' function and enter the charging station's public key.

Checking the result

Check the output as to whether the results of digital signature verification match the information on your invoice or charging receipt.