Association for the Promotion of Research and Consumer Protection in the Field of Electric Mobility

Based on the requirements of the Rule Finding Committee (Regelermittlungsausschuss, REA) and consumer protection, operators of electric vehicle charging facilities are required to implement the requirements of German calibration law. Transparency software allows consumers to verify the correctness of meter readings taken during an EV charging procedure regardless of their location. During this process the software verifies the digital signatures of the readings taken.

The aim of the Association is to make this software available to all companies active in the field of electric mobility in order to create a uniform standard for transparency software, to maintain it in the long term and thus to promote and guarantee consumer protection.

Together with other companies in this area, some of the founding members of the Association conducted research or supported research activities undertaken in order to develop the software and developed specific transparency software for electric mobility.

The transparency software was tested and certified by the VDE (test report dated April 18, 2019 - 5024855-1470-0001/254265 TL4/shf).

Our board of directors

Hauke Hinrichs,
Managing Director / CEO

Dr. Stefan Schlutius,
Managing Director

Dr. Andreas Zumschlinge,
Parkstrom GmbH
Managing Director / Legal

Philipp Senoner
Alpitronic GmbH
Managing Director

Christoph L├╝bke,
MENNEKES Elektrotechnik
Product Management eMobility

Our Branch Manager

Dr. Matthias Grote,
Strategic Product Manager

Working groups

Various working groups offer you the opportunity to help shape the future development of the S.A.F.E. transparency software. Currently, there is a Technical Working Group ("Technik AG") which is managed by Thomas Rahmen and accompanied by Hauke Hinrichs from the Board of Directors - they meet two to three times a year. The actual technical work is carried out in the following sub-working groups:

Roaming and Market Communication

  • Proposals for the development of the existing data model as well as integration of the data relevant to calibration law into market communication (roaming, direct payment).
  • Best practice guidelines and recommendations for managing interaction between the market players.
  • Mapping out the market requirements for managing a Public Key Database.


  • Further development and advancement of the protocol.
  • Management of the Open Source project and standardization.

Transparency Software

  • Definition of requirements for future developments.
  • Collaboration with external service providers in the further development of the transparency software.

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